Monday, August 15, 2016

Vagabond heart

The rhythmic beat
Of his vagabond heart
That stole her breath
From the very start
Those stolen kisses
Under a moonlit night
That wonderous, amorous
Magnificent sight
Those passionate traces
Of the curve of her neck
Crushing his soul
In a lovestruck wreck
His fingers tracing
That little hollow
Which appeared everytime
She'd nervously swallow
Of pinks and browns
And blushes galore
All the colours in the world
He had grown to adore
Their bodies touching
Yet miles apart
He knew that she'd always
Have his homebound heart.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Live again

Nothing, not a morsel
Is possible to eat
When you feel like you've failed
Slamming your fists against the bars
Nobody to hear you
Trapped within yourself
Asking for freedom
When the key is in you too
And you can't reach out
And you can't build what is shattered
Back to the original
Like shards of glass
Remaining in your heart
Waiting for the time you
Can finally pick them out
And rid yourself of pain
Of misery
Of heartbreak
And live again.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If death do us part,
Know you had my heart.
As a friend, an advisor,
A care-giver, admirer.

The shortest of time,
He brought us together,
Reason and rhyme,
Have bound us forever.

Our friendship will thrive,
Despite all odds,
No matter the drive,
We're racing the gods

To a lifetime of fun,
And sometimes pain,
For whoever said,
There's sunshine without rain?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Last person standing - Nature's reprise

A faded sky,
with lights that blink,
The end of the world,
you're on the brink.

You stand and stare,
at the hazy glare,
You wonder how,
you let it get there.

From green fields,
to an emptiness,
From endless yields,
to a dirty mess.

Corrupting and polluting,
Mother Earth's gifts,
We look for excuses,
to pass off our hits.

You're the last person standing,
you no longer care,
You are no longer commanding,

your world is now bare.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Opening the avenues of my heart,
Making me burst into song.
I know not what happens,
I know not if its wrong.

Spoken words of golden,
Heard the silvery silence,
Feeling the weight of sorrow,
The desperation of impatience.

Every heartbeat painfully slow,
No more shall I hang on,
Pride takes the upper hand,
I had you pinned, bang on.

Stolen glances, surviving memories,
Pain of the dead past,
All buried under mountains of strength,
Bravery found at last.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lighthouse on the shore

I need a man who can save me,
From the demons in my head,
I need a man who'll love me,
For whom no tears I shed.
I need a man who'll hold me,
Lovingly in his arms,
I need a man who accepts me,
All my quirks and qualms,
I need a man who is willing,
To receive this and more,
I need a man who is safety,
Like a lighthouse on the shore.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Eena Meena Dika... Forever.

The man in a white kurta, standing tall an proud,
His phone sings "Eena meena dika" clear and loud,
He dances a little dance, before flipping open his cell,
Why would you put this man through hell?
You say he has a week, and that he has fought long and hard,
For a long time yet, from happiness we will be barred.
Yet in the same house, happiness does shine a light,
With little Leela's laugh, so gentle and bright.

Quietly, that day, his soul left this world.
Leaving our hearts caught up in a whirl.
A soul like a storm, a brilliant gale,
When he left this world, his body was frail.
No earthly structure was good enough,
This man was as gentle as his soul was tough.
A loving and caring individual was he,
And we all miss him so, yes, so dearly.